Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barmon Cream to Get Rid of Unwanted Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are those ugly marks that are found in some areas of the body due to hormonal changes. This may cause embarrassment to both men and women and may create lack of self confidence. There are many products that are being found in the market that suggests an effective way to get rid of these marks. The key to get rid of stretch marks is to find the best cream in the market and continuously use it until the marks are gone. Some may need to use cream after the marks have healed to prevent it from appearing again. One of these products is the Barmon cream.
Barmon cream is created using only natural ingredients that aim to remove the stretch marks from your skin. Using this product will be an advantage to pregnant women. Stretch marks that are caused by pregnancy are often hard to remove. This is because the skin in the tummy has been stretched to accommodate the growing baby. Using the cream during pregnancy will help in avoiding stretch marks. This product has been proven and tested as safe to use during pregnancy because there are no harmful ingredients that would be absorbed by the body when you apply the cream. The product is known to have the basic and natural ingredients for the repair of the skin.
Results will be seen after three weeks of using Barmon cream. The cream should be used intensively and massaged to the areas that are affected by stretch marks until the cream is absorbed by the skin. The vitamin E that is found in the formulation encourages the collagen to heal the skin naturally and eventually diminish the stretch marks. Lanolin is also a main ingredient that helps in allowing the Vitamin E and cocoa butter to be absorbed by the skin. However, there are some factors that affect the healing process of the skin. One of this is tobacco smoking which causes the healing process of the skin to be slower than it usually do. Also, avoid tanning your skin because the UV rays can affect the healing process as well.
Barmon stretch mark cream can help eliminate the stretch marks that you have may it be old or new. There are many products such as oils, lotions and creams that make promises to consumers yet in the end, it would actually yield no positive results. Most of the time, people would just end up spending much of their money in buying products that would have no effect at all. It is important that you would have the complete knowledge and information about a certain product before deciding in buying it. Buy only what you think is reliable and effective to save you money and effort.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stretch Mark Prevention: Stop Them Before They Ever Start

Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis and they typically result in light reddish scars on the skin. They are formed through rapid stretching of the skin primarily caused by weight gain, pregnancy or an increase in muscle mass. The growth generally needs to happen over a short period of time for scars to form. They typically fade over time but do not disappear completely.
While stretch marks are difficult to remove, they can be prevented with proper skin care. Most importantly, the skin should be kept hydrated on a daily basis. There are a variety of stretch mark creams available for use as a prevention method.
Cocoa butter is an excellent way to hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity. Cocoa butter is made from vegetable fat and is derived from the cocoa bean. Cocoa butter has the unique ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, making it an effective skin hydration method. Most cocoa butter products contain a myriad of other skin care ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, emu oil, collagen and elastin. The combined ingredients work to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. External hydration is important, but internal hydration can produce equally impressive results.
Internal hydration can be performed in a variety of manners. Consuming a sufficient amount of water is key in protecting the skin. When the body is dehydrated, the skin becomes more vulnerable. Once dehydrated and vulnerable, the skin is more susceptible to stretching and damage. For optimal internal hydration, seven to nine eight-ounce glasses of water should be consumed daily. Caffeine should be avoided because it acts as a diuretic, depleting the body of essential moisture and nutrients.
Diet also plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Vitamins and minerals strengthen the elasticity of the skin and allow the skin to stay moist. Biotin is a B vitamin and is an essential building block for skin cells. Foods rich in biotin include eggs, bananas, rice and peanuts. Copper is another important vitamin for skin health because it produces elastin. Food sources high in copper include cashews, sunflower seeds, meats and fish. Vitamin C is plays an important role in collagen production. Collagen works with elastin to support the body's tissue and provide the skin with strength and elasticity. The best vitamin C sources include oranges, guava, sweet peppers and kiwi.
Stretch marks are often unsightly and difficult to remove, but they can be prevented with proper nutrition and skin care.
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