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Treating Stretch Marks - Getting Rid of the Unsightly Wrinkles


Stretch marks - it is an unsightly skin problem that plague many women around the world. Some of the most common causes include giving birth, losing weight too fast, and lack of collagen on the skin. And unlike other skin problems, stretch marks can be difficult to correct. With the right approach however, stretch marks can be treated. To help you, here are some stretch mark treatment options that you can take:
Collagen Lotions
Collagen is the component of skin that makes it elastic and firm. With lack of collagen, skin can become saggy and wrinkled which is the case with stretch marks. Cosmetic companies that make collagen lotions and creams support that topical application of collagen on the skin helps restructure it.
But in order for topically applied collagen to work, it must be delivered deep into the skin where it is needed. This is where most collagen lotions and creams fail. The size of collagen particles on most products makes it impossible for the collagen to penetrate the skin.
So when buying collagen lotions/creams for stretch mark treatment, you must look for those that use micro technology. These lotions use micro-size collagens that can penetrate the skin deeply.
Vitamin A Lotions
When applied directly, Vitamin A can also help restructure the skin. This is because Vitamin A can help speed up the skin's natural recovery process. But just like collagen, Vitamin A must be delivered deep into the skin. Lotions and creams that use micro technology should be your top choice as well. Good examples include those by Loreal and Neutrogena.
You should also know that Vitamin A takes different forms. When buying a Vitamin A cream/lotion, you want to look for those that contain Retinol - the purest form of Vitamin A. Take note however that Vitamin A in its purest form can cause allergic reactions in some people. Test the product on a small portion of your skin for a few days first before using it fully.
Peeling Lotions
By removing the damaged surface skin, the less damaged skin beneath it will surface. And the faster your skin sheds off its top layer, the faster it will regenerate. By repeating this process several times, new skin will eventually emerge and replace the old and damaged skin. This is the concept behind skin peeling.
Some lotions and creams in the market induce fast and unsightly peeling. However, quick peeling may not be the best option for everyone, especially for those with sensitive skin. Some ingredients such as Salicylic Acid (BHA) and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) can facilitate slower and safer peeling process.
Laser Treatment
All the above mentioned treatments are considered topical solutions. Although effective, topical treatments take a lot of time to work. You may have to wait several months before you see some results. But if you want quick results, laser treatment is one option you can take.
Laser treatment is a medical procedure performed by a licensed professional. It must be performed by a qualified dermatologist. Also, you may have to undergo this treatment several times to achieve the desired results.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Deal With Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Pregnant? Congratulations and welcome to your exciting journey to being a mom! You probably have a lot of reservations and fears about being pregnant and one of those concerns is probably how to deal with pregnancy stretch marks.
Let's face it, these blemishes are unattractive and one you get them, you are pretty much stuck with them forever. The best offense is a great defence, and that means not getting pregnancy stretch marks at all. Sounds pretty straight forward, but you would be surprised how many women overlook this detail during their pregnancy.
Prevention of Stretch Marks
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keep your skin lubed up and supple constantly. Many women swear by cocoa butter, but this really does not do too much except make you smell good enough to eat. You can use any mainstream brand of moisturizer that is available on the market, just make it a habit to use a decent one at least two times daily.
Some women find that it is difficult to remember to use a moisturizer, and if that is you, leave the cream handy next to your bed so that you use it before you go to bed at night and when you get up in the morning.
Unfortunately, not every woman has the type of skin that will withstand the sheer volume that a baby can take up. As the baby grows and the uterus expands and your skin tears to accommodate your baby, you may find that your skin is showing these marks even though you have been moisturizing diligently day and night.
Pregnancy Stretch Marks - The Aftermath
After you have your baby, you are not going to lose your girth instantly, and to add insult to injury, your stomach skin and muscles will be loose and flabby. Even worse, if you have developed imperfections, they will be even more prominent after you deliver. When the skin is fully stretched out, the pregnancy stretch marks are less noticeable because they are lightly colored, but after delivery they will be much darker and more noticeable.
You will have to treat them to make them less noticeable. Most women do not have thousands of dollars to spend on laser treatment with a dermatologist. This is about the only way to nearly eliminate the appearance of your pregnancy stretch marks. If you are like most women, you are looking for alternative methods.
Skin that has stretch marks has basically lost its ability to regain its elasticity. Using a good quality cream that will reduce the appearance of these long lasting scars by restoring the collagen in the skin, and eliminating the depth of the scar which makes it look darker and more prominent. It can be difficult to find a reliable product that lives up to what it purports to do, but there are some great products available to help your skin on its road to improved appearance.
Skinception is one of the best products on the market for treating and minimizing the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks. It contains ingredients proven to be very effective, totally safe, and all natural.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Collagen - The Stretch Mark Treatment


If you are pregnant it is a time to celebrate the new life that you have in you. Pregnancy is a time that can be difficult to plenty of future mothers. But when you are through with giving birth, it is a special day. You can go through lots of pain, but in the end, it is worth it. There is pain from labor that you will encounter when giving birth. The stretch marks can be the worst part of being pregnant. The undesirable lines that can appear can be just about anywhere. The skin can show signs of a pregnant woman in the first couple of weeks. This is the time you require a collagen lotion with elastin for soothing the skin and getting rid of stretch marks.
Stretch marks appear on any part of the body.The epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer, and that is what your skin is. They appear as a dark purplish color, but they turn a lighter color after a few months. When a woman has these marks they won't vanish after a she gives birth and they will stay for the whole pregnancy. The stretch scars are collagen and they are beneath the skin. There's other factors that leads to stretchmarks, elastin, and it is vital in the event you want healthy skin. Collagen is a kind of protein and without this, you won't be able to support the bodies tissues. Without it, your body would disintegrate because it is a glue that holds the pieces together. They often work together to support different tissues and other body parts. When a person gains or loses weight quickly, the skin will be impacted.
The best way to prevent stretch scars is through diet. You ought to increase the foods that are high in Vitamin A, C and E. Citrus fruits, broccoli and tomatoes are high in Vitamin C and then you have nuts, beets and spinach which are rich in Vitamin E. You can always take a multivitamin to support your diet too. Creams for stretch marks and collagen lotions that are high in Vitamin A, C and E are obtainable at any cosmetic store.
There is a collagen cream with elastin for getting rid of stretch marks and it is called Skinception. It prevents stretch scars from even happening & it triggers the production of collagen and it replaces the damaged skin with elastin & GAGs. Skinception stretch mark cream does away with the damaged cells, in the event you use this two times a day. To remove the marks it triggers the regeneration of normal cells and it's moisture retention & it makes your skin firm. It can give you healthy skin, prevents scars from the skin being stretched to far. The ingredients are made from natural substances.
There is another treatment called Tretinoin and it is an injection, you can put this in to your indented skin and your skin will plump up. Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A. This is not a permanent solution but it can jump-start your bodies natural production. You need to buy this every to twelve months and you will must have follow ups. You can use Tretinoin cream also and it stimulates the growth of your bodiess natural production as well. It works best if your stretch marks are less than six weeks old. Tretinoin is only obtainable by prescription. It should not be used if you are pregnant.
You can also improve the appearance, in the event you use Microdermabrasion therapies. The layers of the skin are removed & new skin cells will regrow. It is not real painful. You will experience a temporary burning while the skin is removed. You need to decide if stretch mark creams will do the trick, but there's other options. Choose a cream for stretch marks that is rich in collagen & elastin. These type of creams are the best creams for stretch scars.
You can also get help and the best stretch mark treatment information at There's are a few other options available to you for getting rid of stretch marks like microderabrasion & laser treatments.
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

8 Great Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Legs


People can develop stretch marks on legs, buttocks, abdomen and the upper torso. Of these different areas, stretch marks on legs are some of the more noticeable scars but there are a number of treatments that can help to prevent, reduce or remove these scars from your legs. Here are 8 of them you should try.
1. Focus On Weight Loss
Women who have recently given birth often find that an easy solution to get rid of stomach, buttocks, and leg stretch marks is to lose the extra weight that they gained during their pregnancy. This can be accomplished through the usual means; regular exercise and eating a nutritious, low calorie diet. People who have stretch marks due to being obese can also use this solution.
2. Skin Strengthening Diets
Smart diet plans are an important holistic treatment for any skin condition, including stretch marks. Foods that have a high antioxidant and fatty acid content help the body and the skin to fight against damage from free radical molecules and toxins. That gives the skin the nutrients that it needs to be able to repair damage quickly and effectively. Some examples of foods that provide these benefits are products made from whole grains, beans, peas & legumes, cold water fish, lean meats, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. Daily Supplements
A nutritional supplement taken every day will ensure that essential vitamins and minerals -- those of which are EXTREMELY beneficial to the skin -- are available & delivered to the skin. The foods we eat often lack what the skin needs to effectively fight off these nasty scars. These daily supplements correct that issue.
4. Staying Hydrated
Healthy skin needs to be well hydrated so it stays flexible and supple. That said, drinking a good amount of water every day is important! You might think this is too simple of a remedy for stretch marks -- and in many ways, it is. However, you'd be surprised at the sheer number people who are NOT getting enough water each day.
5. Simple Leg Exercises
Light stretching exercises can help to break down scar tissue in stretch marks and increase circulation to help nutrient delivery to the skin. Exercise firms and tone muscles while burning off unwanted weight, all of which reduces the appearance of these nasty scars.
6. Leg Massages
Massage can help to reduce and remove stretch marks in two ways. The massaging action increases the flow of blood in the area and that means that more beneficial nutrients reach the skin. The pressure that is exerted by the masseuse (or by you if you're using home methods) can also help by breaking up scar tissue so it can be removed.
7. Exfoliating Treatments
Removing a thin layer of the skin through exfoliation helps to reduce the size and visibility of these scars and will eventually remove them altogether. It also cleanses dead skin cells from the surface of the skin so that it breathes better and is more able to protect itself from damage.
8. Natural Oils, Creams, & Gels
Numerous natural and holistic essential oils, creams and lotions are available that have been proven to be efficient, safe and inexpensive ways to get rid of stretch marks anywhere on the body -- including the legs. These holistic creams can moisturize the skin for better elasticity and flexibility, exfoliate scar tissue and help to rejuvenate the skin if they contain natural body proteins such as elastin and collagen.
If you'd like more specific information about how to get rid of leg stretch marks or to just find out about the best stretch mark creams, go to, an informative web site specializing in helping women understand how to erase these unsightly scars.

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What Causes Stretch Marks in Teenagers


Within teenagers tend to be rather typical, and impact both girls and boys. It is honest to say that the majority victims of stretch marks are girls. Mostly they're on parts of the body that contain body`s fat, like the hips, tummy, upper thighs, as well as breasts. At the beginning stage Most of the time they appear in pink or even crimson color, after a while with the passage of time they begin to diminish in color and so, they finish up virtually looking like the rest of the skin, aside from the outlines.
Hormones and changing weight are the prominent causes in teenagers:
They are found to be triggered through rapid changes of weight. Bodily hormones, more especially glucocorticoids, may also make the appearance of these marks. This substance is actually elevated within adolescence, being pregnant, as well as through lifting weights.
Inherited Genes as Well as Diet Plan Are Another Causes:
Inherited genes, type of skin, and diet plans can be some of the causes with regards to stretch marks within teenagers. However generally, fast body modifications are participating.
Instruction should be known to prevent them in teenagers
Many people are capable of preventing them regardless of their development spurts or perhaps the gain of weight fast. Simultaneously, a few observe that it's difficult stopping stretch mark harm despite the fact that they are of normal weight as well as height. Therefore, the initial step to fight teenage stretch marks is to figure out the things that function well.
Adolescents in many cases are seeking expert acceptance as well as approval, which explains why they're conscious of their appearance. That is part of the reason why teenagers are incredibly vulnerable to choosing the wrong choices while attempting things through desperation to draw in peers. Teenagers may attempt alternative stretch mark lotions that may be expensive and harmful inside an eager effort to prevent scar tissue.
How does Teenagers Avoid the Development of Them?
Few creams function by preventing skin tissue before they reveal some lotions try to lighten up existing stretch marks. The great stretch mark lotions are, those which have the following elements; olei acid, lanolin, cacao butter, vitamin E, wheat germ, as well as emu oil.
They're mentioned to operate to boost the flexibility and power of your skin throughout time. The cream for instance Skininception Stretch mark Cream, has natural components, can function wonders, additional flexibility as well as adaptability for the skin and so, reduce the possibility of dealing with skin damage.
How Teenagers Can Deal with Them:
Many teenagers to create defective evaluations associated with them. They may believe these types of scars certainly are a sign they are body fat. Nevertheless, many teenagers have no idea, which muscle development or an increase in height could possibly be what causes stretch marks in teenagers. Teenagers frequently grow as well as develop rapidly. Genes additionally lead to the development of stretch marks when they already exist within family members; chances are you'll also have them.
It is vital with regard to teenagers to understand to work through pressure from friends, they believe to be ideal people. Teenagers have to know the actual remedies with regards to teen stretch marks won't be the same as the remedies with regard to grownups. The most effective practice an adolescent can adhere to is to try to avoid those things which trigger these marks, for example being pregnant and putting on weight fast.
How Teenagers May Prevent Their Improvement
Healthy Eating
The very best thing to prevent stretch marks within teenagers or even at any kind of stage from the existence is always to provide the body all of the diet it requires. This can help your skin produce more powerful pores and skin cells, bovine elastin as well as collagen. This will f increase the risk for cell partitions within the skin more powerful as well as stopping the rupture associated with small blood stream, that appear as stretch marks. Therefore, even when our body is growing rapidly in unusual places, your skin could be more vulnerable to stretch without rupturing any kind of vessels.
Mineral and vitamins are key
Consuming food rich in vitamins and minerals is essential, particularly Vitamin A as well as C, as well as zinc. Foods like fruits, berries, seafood, eggs, darkish leafy veggies, and meat help filling up the containers of those nutrition.
Keep Your Skin Hydrated
You should always be sure that your skin is moisturized and for this teenagers should drink sufficient water to keep it moisturized. This can provide more powerful flexibility. If you do not like plain drinking water, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to the water, it really makes a difference and tastes delicious. Experts say you should drink at least 8 liters of water a day.
Maintaining a healthy diet will help, since it renews the skin as well as gradually assist it recover. You will need to make sure you moisturize your skin twice daily. This keeps the skin that is healthy and within its natural vitamin e antioxidant that has shown to lessen stretch marks in studies. Try the following oils. They are readily available on the high street. Almond oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, grape oil, grape seed essential oil, and wheat germ essential oil are rich in vitamin E. You will find skin lotions with a mixture of rich elements of Vitamin E.
Some Treatments are not Suitable for Teenagers' Skin:
Adolescents should avoid using laser skin treatment as well as microdermabrasion for coping with or preventing stretch marks. This is due to teenagers having skin which is fairly flexible teenagers are also still developing and changing. Normally, teenage stretch marks vanish after teenage years. The harm of those remedies might really aggravate through getting with regards to normal skin development as well as growth.
To prevent them, teenagers should begin to maintain a healthy diet plan and working out at least three times a each week. Avoid to much sun exposure as this can harm your skin. The skin should be well hydrated, moisturized and not over exposed and allowing it to dry out. Therefore, if you want to avoid these unattractive marks on your body, you will have to part in a proper skin care regime.
To conclude, we may say that our illustrated discussion about what causes stretch marks in teenagers and their prevention tips help you make your skin free of all unattractive stretch marks.
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to Clear Stretch Marks Naturally


Clearing stretch marks is not an easy task and many stretch marks cannot be removed easily. You may use lotions or creams to apply on the stretch mark areas; however, those lotions or creams alone will not get rid of these kinds of marks on your skin. Nevertheless, there is a natural way to make it invisible with less money to spend.
To clear stretch marks in natural way, you have to do it through a stretch mark removal massage remedy. It combines vigorous skin massage and skin exfoliation to have a great results. The massage is done with the use of skin lotions and creams that promote skin regeneration and metabolism. The improvement is visible over night. Most people feel the reduction of scars in just few weeks. This massage is done without the extreme measures of cosmetic surgery. It is done naturally, safe and easy to apply without the pain. It is a precise balance of effective exfoliation and skin stimulation massage. It is combined with skin lotions to calm, hydrate and nourishes your skin and you can see the improvements on days not months. Your normal skin will be back to its natural look with extra supple, smoother, younger looking skin. It is not just clearing stretch mark, but it also helps in clearing up of body acne, removes minor scars, tightens loose skin, reduces and remove cellulites, smooth uneven skin tone, remove tattoos, helps burn fats, and toned up body. This is a natural massage method that promotes skin resurfacing.
By doing the following few simple tips to clear stretch marks naturally, you will become aware that this should be prevented so that it will never come again. Prevent stretch marks before they appear.
  • Apply cocoa butter everyday on the area in which there is some marks appearance.
  • Vitamin E oil can be used during the massage session to help reduce the marks effectively.
  • Vitamin A moisturizer also enhances the growth of new skin cells and helps reduce the appearance when normal body volume is lost.
  • Exercise your leg muscles everyday to help eliminate the appearance of these marks. You can do twenty leg raises with both legs every day or every night. It helps minimize the marks on your thighs and legs.
  • Moisturize your skin throughout the day. Use lotion rich in vitamin C and E and rub gently on the areas where these marks usually appear like, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms.
  • Drink plenty of fruit juices, so you can have enough of vitamin C for your skin growth.
  • Eat healthy foods to have a balance diet and to avoid being obese. Obesity also is a major factor in getting these marks.
  • Eat food rich in proteins and drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses a day.
Immediately treat the area where you notice that there are marks that appear. Stretch marks that are newly appearing can be treated easily. To clear these marks is not a very easy task; you have to concentrate on the tips and methods to attain your new skin. It takes a little extra care and patience in dealing on these scars and marks.
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Discover the Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy


From health and beauty magazines, TV shows and even in casual conversations, there'd always be times when women air out their concerns about intra and post partum stretch marks. Having them during pregnancy is inevitable, there are those lucky cases when a woman doesn't get a single mark but most often than not, a pregnant woman gets these marks somewhere in the second and third trimester and after child birth. A woman's growing abdomen causes the skin to stretch, fine skin marks known as linea nigra and stretch marks. Pregnancy is a vulnerable stage; you need to be keen at choosing cosmetic products even with those that require just topical administration as this still goes through the absorption process. Discover the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy and have a pregnancy free of worries.
The entire nine months of gestation, you ought to give nothing but the best for your unborn child and would not want to do anything that can cause harm. Apart from the desire to maintain a healthy pregnancy, one would always be concerned about getting stretch marks, knowing that this will be marks that will stay even after child birth. Do not worry, skin creams are now available for use and on a better note, there are mixes that are safe for use during pregnancy. You can regularly apply a particular cream over your abdomen to minimize chances of getting unsightly marks.
From the wide array of cosmetics available in the market, you should learn how to discern the right products to use. Aside from hearsays, always take the initiative to research about the product. Knowing a thing or two about a particular product can help you determine if indeed it is worth investing in. Quality cosmetic products may not be that cheap, but, results wise can meet and even exceed your expectations. Bear in mind though that the results vary from one person to another, not everybody may experience the same results as the other. That is the reason why, reading about the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy is recommended.
Nobody else can tell your needs than yourself, it is best that you step that foot forward especially when it comes to taking care of yourself and giving yourself that much deserved pampering and treatment. Let your nine months of pregnancy be a wonderful experience, rid yourself of any unnecessary worries like stretch marks.
If you are trying to find the best source of information about a product, read pregnancy stretch mark cream reviews and become confident that indeed you have found the right product for you. Combat the occurrence of ugly marks, rid yourself of these, you now have the perfect solution in the best stretch mark cream during pregnancy.
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Stretch Marks - The Ugly Curse Of Quick Weight Loss


Just when you thought that you are actually making yourself look more beautiful by losing weight, you will surely be surprised once your skin begins to show signs of stretch marks. Jumping from a weighty 170 pounds to a gorgeous 120 pounds should make you happy and contented. But that stretch mark is there to ruin the achievement.
Yes, the occurrence of stretch marks is one of the ugly side effects of quick weight loss. For a while there, quick weight loss sounded like a gift from heaven right? Well, think again. Your skin will not be able to quickly adjust after your body suddenly loses inches. Just think of it this way: if your waist line used to measures 36 inches in circumference, how do you think will the same skin look like on a new 27 inches waist line? That excess of 9 inches is going to sag and wrinkle.
So what should you do? Should you just give up on the idea of weight loss? It is as if the devil is asking you to choose between two things and that you can only have one of the two. It is like choosing between a flawless skin and a sexy body. Is it not possible to just have both of them?
Well, it is possible. However, you will need to apply correct measures in order to avoid getting stretch marks. For instance, you might want to ditch the idea of quick weight loss. That is not to say that you should give up the idea of fat loss altogether. You simply need to take things slowly.
This way, your skin will have time to adjust to your new figure. Besides, it is less likely that a quick weight loss program is healthy. Experts still suggest that safer and slower methods are still the best way to lose fat. So, why should you do things too quickly if there are so many side effects to quick weight loss?
Another good bet to preventing the occurrence of stretch marks is to start applying marks treatment creams during the course of your weight loss program - even before those marks even begin to show up. This is because stretch mark creams are designed to make the skin tighter. By doing so, your skin will be able to adapt to your new figure.
If you start applying treatment creams during the course of your weight loss regimen, your skin will slowly slim down together with your weight loss.
But what if it is already too late for you and those marks are already there because you started your fat loss program before you could read this article? Well, there is still hope really. But if you are going to rely on topical over-the-counter creams, you should not expect results right away. These things take a lot of time to take effect.
If you really want quick results, it is advisable that you seek medical procedures to removing stretch marks. Choices include surgical methods and laser treatments. Just make sure that you get a licensed dermatologist to do the task for you.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stretch Mark Creams - 4 Excellent Ingredients To Look Out For - Freedom From Stretch Marks!


We all want to achieve radiant and healthy skin -- not only on our face, but also in our entire body. Just like wrinkles and sagging skin make us look old, stretch marks also concern us in a similar way. The good news is that a right stretch mark cream can work wonders for our skin health.
As far as my personal skin care is concerned, I use anti-aging skin creams for my body and face. However, here we will talk about some effective natural ingredients in products specifically designed to benefit in stretch marks.
Phytessence Wakame -- it is an effective natural ingredient that is extracted from a special Japanese sea kelp. It is a very powerful antioxidant and also contains a host of minerals such as iron, sodium, potassium, and calcium (15 times more calcium than milk) and vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.
These minerals and vitamins play an important role in maintaining the skin's moisture balance and also in soothing the inflammation of the skin.
Phytessence wakame makes the skin more elastic, moisturized and soft. It should be a part in any skin cream that you buy.
Grapeseed oil -- it is also among the best antioxidants and gives protection to the skin against the effects of free radicals and aging. It creates an invisible film on our skin. This film helps to keep the skin hydrated by locking in the moisture and also keeps the dust and grime outside. It reduces stretch marks very effectively.
Other natural oils that we should look for are --
Crodamol OP -- it is an excellent emollient that moisturizes and softens our skin. It makes the skin more supple and hence works very well as a part of an effective anti aging skin care cream.
Maracuja -- it is extracted from the special passion fruit that is found in Brazil. It works very well for stretch marks and makes the skin smooth and soft.
Scars and stretch marks are the result of the skin becoming more tough and inelastic. As the skin softens up by the effect of these natural ingredients, their appearance becomes less and less pronounced.
Visit my website to gain a greater understanding on the skin care products that I personally use, after having done in-depth research. They include all of the above mentioned natural ingredients plus a range of other excellent natural anti aging ingredients.
Vijay Raisinghani is a Natural Healthcare Expert and a passionate advocate of natural skin care. His website provides a wealth of information on what works and what doesn't work in Anti-aging skincare to achieve a young, beautiful and vibrant skin.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks - Found In Your Garden And Pantry

Stan Bannister

Women and men all over the world often look for cheaper home remedies for stretch marks rather than exploring more expensive and invasive options. This article will discuss why people get stretch marks, how to avoid getting stretch marks, and some uncomplicated and natural home remedies for stretch marks, some of which can be found in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to get free instant access to my home remedies for stretch marks email course.
Thankfully in 2007 there is a lot that you can do to minimize the appearance of your stretch marks, even in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Stretch marks have such a debilitating effect on sufferers that it can end up affecting all parts of their life. It is important that stretch mark sufferers realize that you don't need to live with stretch marks. There are several stretch mark home remedies that will almost make your stretch marks disappear entirely.
Imagine living a life free of stretch marks!
People frequently wonder why stretch marks appear on their body and not their friends or a member of their family. Stretch marks occur everywhere on the body and are as a result of contraction and expansion of our skin. It may surprise you to hear that both men and women get them. In fact, often bodybuilders get stretch marks due to the immense pressure they put on their bodies on a regular basis. Men and women frequently search for home remedies for stretch marks, many times when their partners are asleep in bed.
One of the most common groups to get stretch marks of course is pregnant women. In fact, as high as 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks so if you're pregnant while reading this you are very much not alone! Once again, there are numerous home remedies for stretch marks and for prevention of stretch marks. I am now going to detail some very prestigious stretch mark home remedies for reducing the appearance of stretch marks which also prevent stretch marks occurring in the first place.
Vitamin E is one superb warrior and a powerful home remedy for stretch marks. It is the main ingredient of many topical treatments and lotions but luckily for us it's also obtainable in many foods we eat like fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, and many low fat foods.
There are many natural herbal stretch mark home remedies that work towards getting rid of stretch marks. There are many essential oils, including tea tree oil, that when combined in a particular way become a powerful fighter and stretch mark home remedy. There are many stretch mark treatments in the chemist that can help you in your fight against stretch marks. Would you believe that peanut butter, a standard ingredient in nearly all pantries, is also a strong home remedy against stretch marks.
More stretch mark natural solutions and home remedies for stretch marks include being sure you have a adequate intake of vitamins every day and that your skin is always well moisturized. Certain gels which are known to minimize scarring like aloe vera gel are likewise superb home remedies for stretch marks, even applying aloe vera gera directly onto the affected area.
I have briefly discussed some powerful stretch mark home remedies but I know of over 50 home remedies for stretch marks that will not merely help get rid of the appearance of stretch marks but will also prevent stretch marks from occurring in the first place.
While ultimately and regrettably your genes help determine whether you are prone to stretch marks, there arethings you can do, including many powerful home remedies for stretch marks, that will improve the condition of your skin and your stretch marks with some very effective stretch mark home remedies.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A List of Effective Remedies: Identifying Stretch Marks


Having scars and marks on your skin is that frustrating. Imagine yourself on the beach wearing a bathrobe not because you're too conservative, but you're too continuous with your marks. Stretch marks, also known as striae diseases, are marks that look like cracks that can be found in any parts of your body. Since anyone can have one at anytime, anywhere, one should realize the importance of knowing how to read the signs. In this article we shall discuss the basic tips on how you can spot the signs and what can you do about it.
Be on guard for signs
Preventing is much easier than treating. If you are pregnant, you should be extra careful with your body changes. Check your body thoroughly and refrain from eating too much calorie. An increase on your diet is inevitable. That is why if you loss or gain weight rapidly you should expect marks right after. Apply lotion early on and massage your skin that often. This will help improve blood circulation and that new tissues are produced.
Routine Check
Have a regular routine and check your body thoroughly for marks. Usually marks that are fresh will produce white fine lines and will darken as it ages. So when you see these signs treat it right away. Older marks would be harder to remove than when it's still fresh.
Preventive Measures
As what most medical practitioner would say, prevention is really better than cure. You can do preventive measures like eating nutritious foods, drink water all the time, massaging the skin and keeping it moisturized.
If in case that despite the precaution and preventive measures you did and you still got marks, the best way for you to do is to treat it the most natural way. Below are some tips on how you can treat early signs of scar tissues.
1. Cocoa butter can deeply nourish the skin and treat the marks from the inside and out.
2. Aloe Vera gel is also capable of making the skin smooth and enhances or cure scares on the skin.
3. Vitamin E is said to be rich in collagen and therefore can be a good remedy for stretch marks.
4. Massage therapy can be relaxing but at the same time can remove dead skin and promote blood circulation.
5. Exfoliating as well can be a good way to treat your marks. By regularly exfoliating your skin helps remove thin layer of the skin bit by bit.
6. Diet change can be critical as well. Eating quality foods that are natural antioxidant are skin friendly as well.
7. Using anti-stretch mark cream is the ultimate solution that you can use. Choose products with high content of Vitamins A, C, and E, rose hips oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, protein and collagen.
This problem happens when there is less elasticity on your skin during rapid growth or loss of weight. A hormone called collagen is responsible in making the skin elastic. By helping your skin circulate blood properly, there will be a balance production of collagen.
Furthermore, stretch marks are the effects of our in ability to take good care of our skin. That is why learning how to remove stretch marks and how to prevent it plays a vital role for those of you who would wish to show off their bikinis during summer.
Furthermore, stretch marks are the effects of our in ability to take good care of our skin. That is why learning how to remove stretch marks and how to prevent it plays a vital role for those of you who would wish to show off their bikinis during summer.
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3 Ways To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Stretch Marks Creams

by Cavyl Stewart

Stretch marks or striae in medical terms are the result of tearing in the outer layer of the skin. Stretch marks are most commonly linked to the rapid growth of skin such as in puberty, pregnancy, obesity, and body building. Though the tearing of the skin fades with time, it does not completely vanish naturally but will do so with the help of stretch marks creams.
1) Using stretch marks creams to deal with skin tearing may not always be enough. There are a number of ways to increase the creams� effects for faster and better results. Vitamin E is important in having healthy skin mainly because it acts as an antioxidant which protects the skin from ultra violet rays, drugs, and pollution. Additionally, Vitamin E is known to reduce wrinkles and skin aging.
Skin is naturally able to absorb Vitamin E and in the case of skin care, it is best to use Vitamin E as an external application such as creams and lotions rather than taking it orally. Rubbing Vitamin E in addition to using stretch mark creams greatly increases the creams� potency.
2) Other methods of enhancing the effects of stretch marks creams include drinking plenty of water to ensure the skin is always well hydrated, eating food abundant in Vitamin A, E, and C to increase the formation of collagen, the main protein in skin, and massaging cocoa butter or almond oil on the stretch marks. Though not commonly known as an essential factor in skin care, taking Zinc supplements significantly quickens the process of wound healing in addition to acting as a natural sunscreen. It is also a good practice to exfoliate the skin with a loofah or brush to remove the dead skin cells that do nothing to help stretch mark creams.
3) Supplementing stretch marks creams for maximized effectiveness is not nearly as important as using the right stretch mark cream. Brand names may look appealing but what is really essential is getting stretch mark creams with the right ingredients. Depending on the particular stretch mark cream, key components will include aloe vera, cocoa butter, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, retinyl palmitate, shea butter, and siegesbeckia orientalis.
These ingredients fall under botanicals, vitamins, and peptides, and do not have all the same functions. The best working stretch mark creams will contain at least one of these components. The best method to maximizing the effects of stretch marks creams is to find out which creams have the right stuff in it.
Stretch marks may be unpleasant to look at but they certainly need not be permanent. Surgery and skin lifts are too drastic a solution not to mention expensive. Investing in the right stretch marks creams coupled with proper skin care will lead back to smooth looking healthy skin.Trying to look for the best stretch mark cream for you? Check out the above link for all the details.

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Aspects of Stretch Mark Cream That You Should Know About

So how should you select a stretch mark cream? Getting stretch marks after pregnancy is something that is a reality and which impacts over 90% of women. These marks are caused due to the woman gaining weight all of a sudden during the build up to the pregnancy and which leads to the skin getting elongated. The effects begin to be seen during and after the seventh month of pregnancy. These are manifested in the form of tiny tears that appear like bands, which are initially red and then become white with the passage of time. Fortunately, the use of a good stretch mark cream can help you obliterate these marks to have your skin glowing and without blemish.
These stretch marks are usually found near the abdomen as well as near the thighs. They appear ungainly and most women would want to get rid of them at the earliest. The ideal way to tackle them and one which has been time tested is the application of a stretch mark cream or oils from reputable brands including Bio Oil, SilDerm and Mene & Moy.
In addition to the efficacy of the stretch mark cream, there are other factors like the natural complexion of the individual, the extent of the stretch mark, the time it has been there and the age of the individual. No two individuals may have the same results out of a stretch mark cream but overall, a good quality one should benefit most women irrespective of the above factors and their possible influence.
So how should you select a stretch mark cream? Follow the tips given below:
1. The ingredients that go into their manufacture are very important to start with. Moisturisers like cocoa butter, use of vitamins D, B5 and E, exfoliating substances like glycolic acid are the most effective and a must in any cream. These have proved their effectiveness over time and even if they do take time to produce results, they definitely cannot cause any harm to your skin. You need to therefore check out the concentration or percentage of these ingredients used in the cream to determine the probable effectiveness of the cream.
2. Taking professional advice from a good dermatologist would also help. There may be other ingredients that may be recommended by the skin doctor which you may not be aware of that may have the same effect. Moreover, the experience of the doctor does count a lot.
3. If you are unsure about a particular brand, play safe and opt for a well known brand such as Mene & Moy over others that may be available at a cheaper rate. This is a question of the safety of your skin and you do not want to take any chances.
4. Taking recommendations and references from others about a particular stretch mark cream would also help you zone in on one.
5. Finally, reading about the condition and how others have coped with it would give you sufficient information to try out the right product.
Elizabeth Wright is a UK based skin care and beauty enthusiast, she has been an avid contributor to online resources discussing skin care treatments and remedies for over 12 years. For further information on stretch marks and Mene & Moy visit her preferred site at Effortless Skin.

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Internal Stretch Marks Treatment And How To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch mark only appear because something is weakening your skin. Most of the time this is due to hormones, stress, poor diet, lack of circulation to the skin, etc. These types of things make the skin weak and less supple and elastic. When stretched, the skin is far more susceptible to damage under these circumstances.
Therefore, it only makes sense that getting in tip-top shape will help your skin too. When you're at the peak of your health, your skin is nourished, healthy and vibrant. Not only that, but it heals faster!
If you're really serious about getting rid of your stretch marks, you should make an effort to improve your health too. It will probably speed up your results (as well as providing you with a whole host of other benefits).
If health isn't your thing right now, you shouldn't overwhelm yourself just because you're desperate to remove your stretch marks. Start slow, and just try to keep your progress steady.

Some must-do tasks for your health and your stretch marks:

  • Exercise (this gets the nutrients and oxygen circulating around your body and to your skin)
  • Drink enough water (keeps you and your skin hydrated)
  • Eat skin-healthy foods like brightly colored fruits and vegetables, salmon or other oily fish, nuts and beans
  • Supplement with a good quality multi-vitamin
It takes a little work to get rid of stretch marks, but you and I both know that it will be worth it in the end.
Get the ultimate guide to ERASING stretch marks HERE, where both internal and external factors are taken into account and addressed so that you get permanent and complete stretch mark removal.
How To Reduce Stretch Marks
There are several different ways to reduce or possibly reverse stretch marks, some work; others are less effective. From natural ways to laser surgery to surgical removal, it just depends on the severity of the stretch marks and how much you want to spend.  

When using traditional methods, it is difficult to accurately gauge just how effective these products can be. Many products claim to reduce or even reverse stretch marks, but there is little scientific data in proving these to be true. For the most part, these natural remedies like oils, creams, lotions, etc. are more effective on fresh stretch marks. But even in the case of freshly made stretch marks, the best the product can do is helping them fade just a bit. You may want to try the traditional way of reversing stretch marks or at least make them less obvious. These include such things as: lotions, creams or even seeing a doctor and/or cosmetologist about adapting to a regular diet and exercise regime. There are many products on the market today that claim they reverse stretch marks, but watch out…many are also fraudulent and fail to produce the results you may want or expect from them. And many of these ointments are ineffective on old, well-developedstretch marks. In cases like these, a more involved treatment may be the only option to reverse stretch marks or at best make them less noticeable. 
However, there are benefits in the use of natural remedies in the reversal of stretch marks or making them less obvious. They are much less expensive and less involved than cosmetic dermatology procedures; you can find the products almost anywhere i.e. stores, the internet; and their use does not require visits to a spa or clinic and the better known brands are pretty safe to use. However, there are other alternatives to diminish stretch mark scars without having to go through surgery or laser treatment. 
Chemical peels that people use to rid themselves of wrinkles on their face as well as doing away with age spots can also be used in treating stretch mark scars on other parts of the body. By doing this, a chemical solution is placed on a cotton pad or sponge or brush and applied to the affected area. The chemicals then literally ‘peel' off the top layers of the damaged skin including any dead skin that, in turn, allows the growth of new skin cells. There might be a slight tingling or burning sensation during treatment, but nothing to be concerned about. But keep in mind, multiple treatments may be necessary to get the results you are looking for, and this may not be helpful to some people. 
Then there is the option of Microdermabrasion. This is another way of improving the appearance of the top layer of thestretch marks but does not reverse stretch marks completely. Microdermabrasion uses a very fine crystal spray that ‘blasts' the upper layer of the skin. The dead skin cells are removed which allows new, healthy skin cells to take their place. New skin cells then produce more elastin and collagen…the two important components of healthy, younger looking skin. This is a painless procedure that takes no more than an hour to complete and there is very little recovery time. But to reap the maximum benefit of this treatment, it needs to be repeated anywhere from five to twelve times depending on the area and condition of the skin to begin with. But keep in mind; although Microdermabrasion is an effective way of making the appearance of the area look better, it does not reverse stretch marks completely. The only thing that can do that is the Reverse Stretch Marks system. 
Finally, you can always resort to blue light therapy. Blue light therapy is used more for mild to severe acne, but is also sometimes used to improve the appearance of stretch marks. With blue light therapy, it allows the application of photosensitive get to the skin, which then is exposed to bursts of light energy. Many patients notice a difference, but again, for the complete reverse of stretch marks, it is just unrealistic. 
Your best bet would be to contact a Cosmetic Dermatologist about the different kinds of treatments and what would work best for you depending on the condition of your stretch marks.

The Idiot's Guide To Stretch Mark Creams Explained

Stretch marks are medically known as striae. They are pink or reddish streaks that are often seen on the stomach area, the breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. Its color will gradually fade and appear as glossy skin with silver or white streaks.
They are common with pregnant women. They appear on the 28th week of your pregnancy. This is the stage when the abdomen has enlarged significantly. These lines of life will remain after the delivery of the baby although some may be lucky to see them disappear.
Men are not spared from stretch marks too. This happen when they gain or lose too much weight. Building mass muscles can also contribute to the development of these clawed marks. These ugly streaks are a form of scarring. This is the result after the skin fails to restore its original shape when it is stretched beyond its limit.
These squiggly lines are not a sign of any life threatening disease. Many people hate having them because they spoil their impression. Thus, all the grievances over them are is purely cosmetic. Removing stretch marks may not be a big issue for some people, but based on the number of products available does show that most people do.
You can be lucky if your shimmering streaks fade over time without seeking any treatment. However, due to the skin structure, these scars are noticeable even after many years.
Using common remedies like creams may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Some stretch mark creams contain Tretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A. For best results, use them on new stretch marks. However, they are not suitable for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.
There are other natural ingredients that are found in these creams. These include cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids. But, more studies are required to test the effectiveness of these ingredients in treating scars.
The best stretch mark cream should stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. They are proteins found in the dermis which establish the structural integrity of your skin. As your supportive layer becomes stronger, your unpleasant badges of honor should be reduced visibly.
You can easily buy creams for treating striae at the drug stores. They don't need any prescription. The other benefit of using them is that they would not irritate your skin provided they contain natural ingredients. But it is ideal to check with your doctor first before using them.
It is always better to prevent these horrible looking battle scars than treating them later. So, use stretch mark creams during your pregnancy. Your elasticity may extend a longer life span.
If you want an effective cream to get rid of stretch marks, you can check out Skinception review. There are other valuable tips in addressing these skin imperfections which can be found on

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