Friday, December 16, 2011

Vitamin C

Although a lot of people swear by them, there has been an ongoing debate about the value of taking vitamin supplements. Although some of the science points to vitamin benefits from supplements, other studies debate these claims. As a matter of fact, some recent studies even suggest that taking too many multivitamins can cause serious health problems. Nonetheless, there is still at least one vitamin which is universally regarded as a healthy supplement. Vitamin C is one of the most useful of all vitamins. From the days of scurvy, people have recognized its importance. Vitamin C can reduce the duration of the common cold, make you more immune to a variety of different diseases, cut down on dangerous free radicals, and help in many other ways.

Nonetheless, experts still don't quite agree on how much C vitamin you should get and what is the best way to take it. Is natural vitamin C important, or can you get supplements with a synthetic kind? Should you get all of it from food, or should you get some of it from pills as well? Most of all, is there any truth to the claims that taking huge amounts of vitamin C can help you fight off infections? Does it really help, or does it actually just put added strain on your system which has to eliminate all of the excess vitamins?

People do not know if it  really helps to take many times the US RDA of vitamin C. Nonetheless, it seems not to harm the body. There is no such thing as a serious vitamin C overdose. If you take too much of the vitamin, it is simply flushed out of your system. Occasionally, it can give you an upset stomach, but that is about it. You certainly will not have to be rushed to the hospital!

There is also some evidence that it does really help in a variety of unexpected ways, aiding the treatment of anything from acne to cancer. As a matter of fact, vitamin C acne cream is now a common product at many health food stores and pharmacies. While you should usually use caution when taking high dose vitamins, in this case at least you can rest at ease. C vitamins can not hurt you, and they do seem to help with a lot of different physical processes. How much they help, however, is still an open question.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

9 ways to boost your immune system

A well functioning healthy immune system is the key to the prevention and treatment of disease.

Ensure a healthy diet that is varied, high in fiber, low in fat, rich in fruit and vegetables and whole grain and with plenty of fluids and moderate consumption of sugar and salt.

To ensure a guaranteed supply and essential nutrients, include supplement in your daily routines.

Moderate exercise is highly recommended.

Adequate rest to recuperate from physical and mental stress endured daily is a must.

Controlled stress
This can wreak havoc on your immune system. Learn how to balance, discipline and be resilient in all aspects of your life.

Avoid addiction
Alcohol, drugs and smoking are all bad for the immune system. Addictions poison the healthy cell.

Adopting a positive attitude enhances wellbeing.

Be aware of what may be threatening your health in home and work surroundings and take appropriate measures to overcome them.

Medical visit
Periodic health examination by your doctor is essential as serious conditions can be avoided by routine screening and assessment.

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast - 3 Powerful Secrets Revealed!

The linear scars called stretch marks are the result of the skin being stretched too quickly due to a fast weight gain. These linear scars can happen to pregnant women, teenagers undergoing a growth spurt during puberty, body builders and any people who have gained a lot of weight quickly.
The hormonal surges that are common during puberty and pregnancy can also acerbate the development of these disgusting little marks. Stretch marks affect three layers of the skin called the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous stratum. When the skin is stretched too fast it loses its elasticity and tearing and damage occur in the epidermal and dermal layers. This causes stretch marks.
To get rid of stretch marks fast, it is necessary to treat them in their early stages when they are red or purple in color. Once they age and fade to white or silver then they are much more difficult to get rid of.
1. Daily Use of Specialized Creams, Lotions, or Gels
One of the best methods for how to get rid of stretch marks fast is to use one of the large variety of creams, lotions, gels and essential oils that are available to help regenerate the skin in a natural and holistic manner.
Many of these creams are made from products that the body produces naturally, like the proteins collagen and elastin, so they are safe and effective for use. They will rejuvenate the skin and make it more supple and flexible as well as more able to repair itself. Other natural creams that can be used effectively are cocoa butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, emu oil and products containing alpha hydroxy acid.
2. Frequent Use of Exfoliatation Techniques
Another good way to get rid of stretch marks fast is to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. This will lightly abrade the skin to remove a thin layer of it, removing debris and scar tissue so that they are reduced and new, healthy tissue can grow.
Exfoliation is best done using a cleanser that has properties that will aid in the process. These include such things as alpha hydroxy acid and essential tea tree oil or an abrasive substance like baking soda or oatmeal.
The cleanser should be applied using a mildly abrasive applicator such as a brush or sponge. Exfoliation of the areas where the marks have appeared should be done twice each day in order to get the best effect. It is a good idea to apply a stretch mark lotion to hydrate and lubricate the skin after exfoliation.
3. Massage Them Away
A good way to get rid of stretch marks fast is to use a variety of massage techniques to help break down accumulated scar tissue and to increase circulation and blood flow to the affected areas.
The combination of pressure from the massage and increased nutrient delivery to the skin can help to break down scar tissue quickly and effectively. Massage using one of the many stretch mark creams available will accelerate the process and also help to make the skin more supple and flexible.
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