Monday, December 27, 2010

The Skinny On Stretch Mark Creams

There are a lot of commercials on TV regarding stretch marks. Maybe you've heard your mother, or another female complaining about their own. With all of this talk about stretch marks, maybe you've feared that you'll encounter them, and will be permanently scarred by them.

First off, relax. Stretch marks are very common. It is a blemish or marking in the skin. It looks like a line in the skin; it's dark, and it's raised. They occur on the skin when the skin is stretched beyond what is norma for that particular part of the body. If you haven't noticed, unlike some other mammals, human skin naturally doesn't sag. We have skin that clings to our muscles and bone structure. This is why whenever we wear something that is very tight, it is referred to as skin tigh.

However, a woman's body goes through a lot of changes. Women have particular spots of their bodies that they gain and carry extra weight on. Some of the problem areas for women are the thighs, hips, stomach, torso, arms, and breast. Women carry extra weight in these areas due to hormones. This is especially true for women when they are pregnant. As a matter of fact, there are very few women who go through pregnancy unscathed from stretch marks. How could they? Their bodies are naturally carrying not only a baby, but extra fat, and water. Whether a person is pregnant, or is overweight, when they lose the extra mass in their skin, their skin will revert back to its previous state. However, because it was stretched out, there will be a mark, or several marks left. This is why stretch marks are formed.

Stretch marks aren't life threatening at all. However, they can damage a person's self esteem, because the sight of the them can be unattractive. When this happens, women will want to use something to make the marks go away. There are old wives tales about how to get rid of stretch marks. The most popular stand-by is cocoa butter. It's recommended that women, especially if they are pregnant, should use cocoa butter on their skin while it is being stretched. Then when the skin reverts back, the skin will be supple, and won't leave a mark. If it is already too late for that, there is a stretch mark cream on the market for them. This topical solution used to be available by prescription only. Now, anyone can buy it without a prescription. It will take time for the mark to go away, but lots of people have had great results with it.

Although people aren't born with stretch marks, they certainly can be a part of a person's life experience. However, they don't need to bring about shame. They represent the changes in life that we'll all go through. If you're not happy with those change reminders, there are things you can do to erase those reminders.

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