Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anti Stretch Mark Creams - Finding the Right One For You

Stretch marks never make for a pleasant sight and can affect someone's self-esteem and confidence. Just as there is no way to completely prevent them from occurring, there is also little chance to completely get rid of them which is why it is important to know what treatments are effective and available, making it easier to decide.

Anti stretch mark creams can be used even before stretch marks occur. They sometimes work well on stretch marks and can prevent their occurrence altogether.

Several creams are available on the market today. Most of these creams claim to be able to completely get rid of stretch marks and people looking for a treatment might find it difficult to choose the right one. Some anti stretch mark creams have been found to be more effective than others and have received many favorable reviews. Discussed below are some of these products.

The First: Palmer's Cocoa Butter

This cream has become one of the most popular creams for stretch marks. The non-greasy formulation has been found to be extremely effective in minimizing stretch marks. The special formula consists of three ingredients that keep the skin soft and well moisturized, removing dryness and any skin discomfort. There are many claims that this cream is effective.

The Second: Striae Stretch Mark Cream

Another anti stretch mark cream that has a large following is the Striae Cream which gives visible results within a few weeks. Some users even claim that the results are visible after a few days of use. Whether those stretch marks are because of pregnancy, weight gain or dieting, this is one of the most effective, well-priced and vouched-for cream treatments available for stretch marks.

Mama Mio Super-Rich Body Cream

This product is one of the best anti stretch mark creams available on the market. Formulated by the Due Maternity Company, the cream combines the most potent ingredients that are most nourishing for the skin such as oils, butters, humectants and emollients, all of which go towards producing one of the best creams for stretch marks.

Other ingredients included in the formulation are avocado oil, evening primrose oil, Shea butter and several other ingredients that feed the skin the much needed elasticity during pregnancy and at other times when it is under stress.

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