Friday, July 25, 2008

Trilastin Vs NuVectin - Does Either Stretch Mark Lotion Work?

Hate stretch marks? Most people do. If you research effective stretch mark treatment lotions, then you will probably come up with two possible solutions: Trilastin and NuVectin.

Here is what we discovered when we compared them:


NuVectin is available over the counter and seems to work for many people. Unlike many creams, it penetrates past the first layer of skin to reach the damaged under-layer.

Nuvectin's main claim-to-fame is its wrinkle-reducing properties. They claim it is a safe and economical alternative to getting Botox injections. Although they do not advertise as a stretch mark cream, many people have found it to be effective.

Customers who use it to reduce stretch marks claim it is non-greasy and pleasant. Many seem pleased with the results after only a few weeks and see a reduction in the overall appearance and prominence of the scars.

Trilastin SR

Most people, however, seem a little more pleased with Trilastin's results. For most, instead of waiting for weeks or months for improvement, this stretch mark cream showed very impressive results in just days. The results were not only faster, but also much more noticeable.

Trialstin also seems to help prevent skin from developing additional stretch marks during pregnancy by keeping the stretch marks from developing in the first place.

The price of both products may seem a little much, but for most people, a stretch mark free body is worth any cost. We found that both products will help with that, but Trilastin just might do it faster.

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