Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trilastin SR VS Avon Super Shape - Stretch Mark Cream Comparison

Looking for a stretch mark cream? Two products are being actively marketed today to prevent and remove stretch marks: Avon Super Shape and Trilastin SR. Before you purchase either, see what we found when we reviewed them both.

Avon Super Shape

Avon's cream really increased the smoothness of skin and smelled nice. Skin stayed moist all day long. It absorbs into the treated area quickly and leaves no greasy or oily feeling.

However, no one reported dramatic changes to the look of their stretch marks. The treated areas became softer and marks seemed only a little lighter, but the stretch marks were still visible.

The best use of the product seems to be for those who wish to use it during pregnancy. They may notice that it will help keep the skin softer and moisturized, thus pro-actively preventing some stretch mark damages.

Trilastin SR

Trilastin yielded much better results. Unlike the Avon product, this cream showed very measurable results in a matter of days. It really did seem to stimulate the cell regeneration process and repair old stretch mark scars.

It doesn't have as nice of a scent as the Avon product, but because the results were so much more noticeable, no one seems to care. Even old stretch marks faded quickly.

Like the Avon product, it also appeared to help protect skin from additional damage by keeping the treated area more elastic and resilient during pregnancy.

Although Trilastin is more expensive than the Avon alternative, the results may be worth the extra investment.

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