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A List of Effective Remedies: Identifying Stretch Marks


Having scars and marks on your skin is that frustrating. Imagine yourself on the beach wearing a bathrobe not because you're too conservative, but you're too continuous with your marks. Stretch marks, also known as striae diseases, are marks that look like cracks that can be found in any parts of your body. Since anyone can have one at anytime, anywhere, one should realize the importance of knowing how to read the signs. In this article we shall discuss the basic tips on how you can spot the signs and what can you do about it.
Be on guard for signs
Preventing is much easier than treating. If you are pregnant, you should be extra careful with your body changes. Check your body thoroughly and refrain from eating too much calorie. An increase on your diet is inevitable. That is why if you loss or gain weight rapidly you should expect marks right after. Apply lotion early on and massage your skin that often. This will help improve blood circulation and that new tissues are produced.
Routine Check
Have a regular routine and check your body thoroughly for marks. Usually marks that are fresh will produce white fine lines and will darken as it ages. So when you see these signs treat it right away. Older marks would be harder to remove than when it's still fresh.
Preventive Measures
As what most medical practitioner would say, prevention is really better than cure. You can do preventive measures like eating nutritious foods, drink water all the time, massaging the skin and keeping it moisturized.
If in case that despite the precaution and preventive measures you did and you still got marks, the best way for you to do is to treat it the most natural way. Below are some tips on how you can treat early signs of scar tissues.
1. Cocoa butter can deeply nourish the skin and treat the marks from the inside and out.
2. Aloe Vera gel is also capable of making the skin smooth and enhances or cure scares on the skin.
3. Vitamin E is said to be rich in collagen and therefore can be a good remedy for stretch marks.
4. Massage therapy can be relaxing but at the same time can remove dead skin and promote blood circulation.
5. Exfoliating as well can be a good way to treat your marks. By regularly exfoliating your skin helps remove thin layer of the skin bit by bit.
6. Diet change can be critical as well. Eating quality foods that are natural antioxidant are skin friendly as well.
7. Using anti-stretch mark cream is the ultimate solution that you can use. Choose products with high content of Vitamins A, C, and E, rose hips oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, protein and collagen.
This problem happens when there is less elasticity on your skin during rapid growth or loss of weight. A hormone called collagen is responsible in making the skin elastic. By helping your skin circulate blood properly, there will be a balance production of collagen.
Furthermore, stretch marks are the effects of our in ability to take good care of our skin. That is why learning how to remove stretch marks and how to prevent it plays a vital role for those of you who would wish to show off their bikinis during summer.
Furthermore, stretch marks are the effects of our in ability to take good care of our skin. That is why learning how to remove stretch marks and how to prevent it plays a vital role for those of you who would wish to show off their bikinis during summer.
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