Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 Ways To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Stretch Marks Creams

by Cavyl Stewart

Stretch marks or striae in medical terms are the result of tearing in the outer layer of the skin. Stretch marks are most commonly linked to the rapid growth of skin such as in puberty, pregnancy, obesity, and body building. Though the tearing of the skin fades with time, it does not completely vanish naturally but will do so with the help of stretch marks creams.
1) Using stretch marks creams to deal with skin tearing may not always be enough. There are a number of ways to increase the creams� effects for faster and better results. Vitamin E is important in having healthy skin mainly because it acts as an antioxidant which protects the skin from ultra violet rays, drugs, and pollution. Additionally, Vitamin E is known to reduce wrinkles and skin aging.
Skin is naturally able to absorb Vitamin E and in the case of skin care, it is best to use Vitamin E as an external application such as creams and lotions rather than taking it orally. Rubbing Vitamin E in addition to using stretch mark creams greatly increases the creams� potency.
2) Other methods of enhancing the effects of stretch marks creams include drinking plenty of water to ensure the skin is always well hydrated, eating food abundant in Vitamin A, E, and C to increase the formation of collagen, the main protein in skin, and massaging cocoa butter or almond oil on the stretch marks. Though not commonly known as an essential factor in skin care, taking Zinc supplements significantly quickens the process of wound healing in addition to acting as a natural sunscreen. It is also a good practice to exfoliate the skin with a loofah or brush to remove the dead skin cells that do nothing to help stretch mark creams.
3) Supplementing stretch marks creams for maximized effectiveness is not nearly as important as using the right stretch mark cream. Brand names may look appealing but what is really essential is getting stretch mark creams with the right ingredients. Depending on the particular stretch mark cream, key components will include aloe vera, cocoa butter, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, retinyl palmitate, shea butter, and siegesbeckia orientalis.
These ingredients fall under botanicals, vitamins, and peptides, and do not have all the same functions. The best working stretch mark creams will contain at least one of these components. The best method to maximizing the effects of stretch marks creams is to find out which creams have the right stuff in it.
Stretch marks may be unpleasant to look at but they certainly need not be permanent. Surgery and skin lifts are too drastic a solution not to mention expensive. Investing in the right stretch marks creams coupled with proper skin care will lead back to smooth looking healthy skin.Trying to look for the best stretch mark cream for you? Check out the above link for all the details.

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Stretch marks may be unpleasant to look at but they certainly need not be permanent. Surgery and skin lifts are too drastic a solution not to mention expensive Alberto

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Regardless of the reason why the stretch marks are appealing on the skin, they are there. For the person suffering from them, there will be less of an interest in learning where they came from as opposed to learning how to remove them.